Earn passive income

Earn a regular and sustainable cash flow - up to 2.5% per day

Earn regularly

Passive income generating cash flow on a frequent basis. Not only annualy, at least monthly is the goal.

Managable risk

No risk, no fun. Or in other words, if you invest, you have to take a certain risk. Ensure it is within your appetite.

Minimal effort

Income is only passive, if you do not have to invest hours and hours a day. Minimal effort is what we are looking for.


What is
passive income actually?

Passive income is earnings derived from an original investment providing regular cash flow without the need to be actively involved. Your money works while you enjoy your coffee and are doing other things.

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Main Criterias we apply

To build up a sustainable passive income with managable risk, the cash flow generating streams have to fulfill the following criterias. Without them, they do not qualify for our recommendations.

Track record
Minimal effort
Doxxed team
Support channels
Our story

Sustainable and reward generating vehicles

Passionate about passive income. We are constantly on the hunt for new vehicles offering sustainable and regular reward. Of course there is no profit without risk, but it needs to manageable.

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Our philosophy

The best passive income streams – tested and verified

Don’t fall for any scam, ponzi scheme or any other fraud. We present here only passive income streams we verified personally. See our regular updates of the streams and how they are doing.


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